Free Content Management Course

Free Content Management Course

How Do You Manage All The Content You’re Investing Time And Money To Create?

Learn how to manage your content effectively in this FREE comprehensive content management course!

Web Content Management
Your website needs content…and all content needs management!

Welcome to!

If your business has a web presence, it needs quality content to grow online.

Publishing quality content on a regular basis is important, but it’s not enough.

Your content also needs proper management and regular maintenance.

In case you haven’t noticed…

Content Is Everywhere!

Meme - Content...Content Everywhere!
Content is everywhere…it’s all the buzz in cyberspace!

We are well and truly in the Digital Information Age.

Everywhere you look, you’ll find content!

Content fills hundreds of movie streaming sites, music streaming services, gaming channels, news channels, podcast channels, radio services, bookstores, audiobook stores, eCommerce stores, and of course, many millions of websites around the world.

The world is hungry for new content to watch, listen to, learn from, engage with, and be informed, entertained, amused, or distracted by.

And with the explosion of new AI tools, expect even more content to be coming atcha day and night…

AI-generated image
Original image generated by the website author using AI (DALL-E). Translation: “Yo, what dis sh*t?”)

We have an insatiable hunger for new content, and no matter how many new content services keep popping up or how much new content they produce, they just can’t seem to keep up with our demand for more new content.

Streaming video on demand - Wikipedia list.
Content…we just can’t get enough of it! Source: Wikipedia

Content Fuels Our Digital Economy

If information is the currency of the digital economy, content is the other side of the coin.

If your business has a web presence, it almost certainly needs web content.

Otherwise, how else can you raise awareness of your business, educate, inform, promote, and sell products and services, generate new leads and subscribers, attract new customers and clients, grow sales, revenue, and market share, and remain competitive online?

Meanwhile, your competitors are doing exactly the same.

So, to keep the digital universe spinning, businesses need to keep pumping out new content.

The problem with creating new content, however, is that…

New Content Gets Old…Fast!

How many times have you heard the expression “Content Is King”?

Well, even kings and dancing queens get old and must cede their scepters, crowns, mantles, and thrones at some point.

Now…when content like films, movies, songs, games, etc. gets old, we call them “classics.”

Some of us never get tired of classic content.

Animarted clip: Queen - Bohemain Rhapsody.
Mamma mia…some classics never get old! Source: Giphy

When news gets old, we file it away for historical purposes and archive it for future research.

When content in eCommerce store pages gets old, we call it “vintage”…and suddenly its value shoots up on sites like eBay.

Image of vintage boots for sale on eBay.
We’ll never give some old content the boot…we’ll just keep recycling it and watch it go up in value! Source: eBay

When it comes to websites and blogs, however…

Old Content = Useless Content

Watching an old movie or listening to an old song can be fun…

Abba - animated giph
Mamma mia…here we go again! Source: Giphy

Even if the content makes you laugh, cry, or cringe, it’s okay. It’s considered a product of its time.

Judge Judy - Animated gif.
It’s old stuff…but no one’s judging it! Source: Giphy

Outdated, irrelevant, inaccurate, or obsolete web content, however, almost always has no value to users and can have a negative impact on your business.


All Websites Need Content … And All Content Needs Management!

Content impacts every area of your business.

From creating internal documentation to sales and marketing, manufacturing, labeling, and packaging, every content-related area of your business needs management.

This is especially true of web content.

Without proper content management, for example:

  • Your website’s information will quickly become outdated or obsolete,
  • Your web pages will sink to the bottom of the search engines,
  • Potential customers will have a harder time finding you online,
  • The cost of promoting your business online will increase significantly, and
  • Your business will get drowned out by the competition.

The challenge with content, however, is this…

The More Content You Have, The More Content You Have To Manage!

There is a ton of information online about ways to create content to help grow your business.

The problem is that if you just keep adding more new content without an effective way to manage it all, you are just creating a bigger problem for your business.

Making sure that your content remains up-to-date, accurate, and relevant for your audience is an ongoing process.


Effective content management involves managing both the planning, production, and promotion of new content and the ongoing maintenance of existing content, throughout the entire organization.

Are You Struggling To Manage Your Web Content?

Woman blogging on laptop with WordPress
Your website needs content and your content needs management!

More businesses today rely on web content to:

  • Describe and promote their products and services
  • Provide useful, accurate, and updated information about their company, niche, or industry
  • Increase visibility and drive more traffic to their website and other digital assets
  • Educate and inform their target audience about the benefits and value of using their products, services, and solutions
  • Generate new leads, gain new subscribers, drive more sales
  • Train clients, customers, vendors, partners, etc.

Information is continually changing, however.

How do you manage your web content and keep it up-to-date, accurate, and relevant when the information in it is continually changing?

Let Us Help You…At No Cost!

This Free Content Management Course is a 100% results-driven practical course put together by an experienced and professional digital content manager (learn more here).

This free course will help you understand and address the challenges of managing your web content by providing a structured way to organize your thinking about content management and showing you practical and effective ways to organize your content management processes.

Content Management Course Overview

work from home laptop setup.
This free practical course on content management delivers results!

The central idea of this course is that the most effective way to help your business realize its goals and objectives is to turn every content-related area of your business into systems that anyone in your organization can help to manage.

This course will show you how to build the systems your business needs to manage its content effectively through our series of comprehensive, organized, and practical step-by-step modules and lessons.

These lessons will help you to:

Whether you are a business owner or an employee working in a small, medium, or large organization, planning to launch a new business or grow a new or existing website or blog, or even an aspiring or experienced content manager, we hope that you will find this free content management course to be an invaluable resource.

Who Is This Course For?

Content Manager
Learn how to manage content like a pro!

This Free Content Management Course will help you:

  • If you are looking for a new career opportunity in the digital economy. Businesses all around the world need professional web content management. This is an in-demand role that allows you to work anywhere and everywhere (especially work from home or remotely). All you need is an internet connection and the skills that this course will teach you.
  • If you own or look after a blog or website. Whether you need to manage content for a small business, a large company website, or even a personal blog, this course will help to improve your (and your team’s) skills in all areas of web content management and digital content production, including content planning, writing, editing, and publishing.

Why Is This Course Free?

Image of books with an apple on top and a quote superimposed.
“When you learn, teach, when you get, give” – Maya Angelou

As described in the About Us section, this course was put together by someone who has published many helpful courses, guides, and online tutorials on growing and managing an effective digital business presence. brings it all together. Some of our course modules link to free and paid resources, and the site may include some advertising and affiliate links to help cover our web hosting and other costs.

Please don’t underestimate the value of this free course.

What you will learn on this site is the result of 15+ years of hands-on experience managing web content for all kinds of businesses.

This Free Content Management Course contains valuable practical information including many time-saving power tips and insider secrets that will help your business save time, make money, meet tight content production deadlines, and improve your results overall.

We could easily charge hundreds of dollars for accessing this course but we have decided that it’s best to make this information available to all and anyone who wants to learn how to manage their content more effectively

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Let’s Get Started…

Check out our course outline or click on any of the links below to go directly to a course module or training section…

Web Content Management Course Outline

Content Management Course Outline

This section provides links to all the training modules and lessons in our free content management course.
The Content Management Opportunity

Content Management Opportunity

Learn about the global market opportunity and the benefits of building a professional career in content management.
The Role Of The Digital/Web Content Manager

The Role Of The Content Manager

Learn about the role of a content manager and what you need to know to manage content effectively in a digital business presence.
Content Strategy

Content Strategy

Learn what a content strategy is, why it's important to have one, and how to develop an effective digital content strategy for your business.
Content Planning

Content Planning

Learn how to create a content plan and manage your content planning process effectively to meet your organization's strategic outcomes.
Content Production

Content Production

Learn how to develop an effective content production process that delivers consistently high-quality content on a regular basis. 
Content Promotion

Content Promotion

Learn how to effectively manage, track, and improve your content marketing methods and results.
Content Management

Content Management

Learn how to set up systems for managing your content effectively.
Web Content Management Tools & Resources

Content Tools & Resources

Useful and cost-effective tools and resources to help make creating, promoting, and managing your content easier.
Content-Related Jobs and Careers

Content-Related Jobs and Careers

Learn how to start a job or career in a content-related field and where to find professional work ...
Overcoming Content Challenges

Overcoming Content Challenges

A comprehensive guide to overcoming your content challenges and growing your business online.
Content Troubleshooting Guide

Content Troubleshooting Guide

Use this content troubleshooting guide to help you identify and fix content-related issues in your business.


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