Media Editing Tools

Use these tools to convert your media files into different formats and file types, resize your files, and more! 

Media Editing Tools And Resources

Use these tools to convert your media files into different formats and file types, resize your files, and more! 

Media Editing ToolsBest content SEO practices usually require uploading images and media files to your site optimized for faster page loading speeds.

This may involve editing media files, cropping or resizing files, or converting media files into other formats.

This section provides a list of online tools you can use to convert or resize your media files.


Media Conversion Tools

Use these tools to help you convert your media files into different formats.


CloudConvert – Online File Convert

CloudConvert is an online file converter that supports almost all audio, video, document, ebook, archive, image, spreadsheet, and presentation formats.

You can convert almost any file type from one format into another (200+ formats), optimize files, create and extract archives, merge PDF files, and even create and save website screenshots without downloading any extra software.

Cloud Convert - File Conversion Menu
Convert files online without downloading any additional software.

CloudConvert is also a secure online conversion tool. Only you have access to your files.

Additionally, you can set the quality of your conversions and adjust many other options.

Converting files from one format into another is as simple and easy as selecting a format to convert from into a format to convert to.

Cloud Convert - File Converter
Search and select the format and file type to convert files from and to other formats and file types.

For example, let’s say you want to convert an image file saved as a GIF into another format (e.g. a video or audio file).

CloudConvert lets you convert files from and to GIF files into many different formats.

Cloud Convert - GIF conversion options
Cloud Convert lets you convert an extensive number of files from and to GIF

You can also select files to convert from various sources. For example, you can upload the file from your computer, paste in a URL, upload it from an external storage service, etc.

Cloud Convert - Select File dropdown menu.
Cloud Convert provides various uploading options for adding your files to its conversion tools.

Upload your file and select the format to convert it to. In this case, we’ll convert our GIF file into an MP4 video.

Cloud Convert - GIF Converter
Let’s convert a GIF image into an MP4 video format.

After choosing the format to convert your file into, click the Convert button.

Cloud Convert - GIF to MP4 Converter
Click Convert to begin processing your conversion.

CloudConvert will begin to process your file.

Cloud Convert - File processing
Cloud Convert processes most file conversions very quickly.

Once your file has been converted, a window pops up showing you the resulting file. Click the Download button in the popup window to save it to your hard drive.

Cloud Convert - Converted file.
Our file is now converted and ready for download.

You can also convert multiple files and click the Download button to save these to your hard drive.

Cloud Convert - convert bulk files
You can convert bulk files too!

You can use CloudConvert for free for up to 25 conversions per day. If you need to process more files than this on a regular basis, you can choose conversion packages or subscriptions to suit your needs.

More info: CloudConvert


Convertio is a browser-based online conversion tool that supports over 300+ media file formats and lets you convert your media files into any format and on any platform without the need to download or install any additional software.

To convert your files, simply drop your files on the file loader, choose an output format and click the “Convert” button.

Most conversion types also support advanced options (e.g. video converters let you choose quality, aspect ratio, codec, and other settings, and rotate and flip).

The conversion process takes about 1-2 minutes to complete. All conversions take place in the cloud and uploaded files are instantly deleted for security and privacy.

You can convert files up to 100 MB for free. If you plan to convert a large number of files on a regular basis or need to convert larger-sized files, Convertio offers paid plans with unlimited daily conversion minutes, unlimited maximum conversion time per file, and ad-free pages.

More info: Convertio

Media Resizing Tools

Use the tools below to resize large media files into smaller, and faster-loading files for your content.


Ezgif – Online GIF maker and image editor.

Ezgif is an online GIF maker and image editor that lets you edit, shorten, merge, resize, crop, and optimize GIFs, and create high-quality animated GIFs free of watermarks or attribution.

Ezgif includes various online tools, such as:

  • Video tools: GIF to MP4 converter, online video cutter, video reverser, video crop tool, and video rotator.
  • File converters: PDF to GIF, PNG to JPG, WebP to JPG, HEIC to JPG, AVIF to JPG.
  • Other image tools: Image to Data URI, Cursor converter (.ani). TIFF converter, MNG tools, FLIF tools

You can automatically convert files and create GIFs by uploading a  sequence of GIF, JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, HEIC, AVIF, and other types of images, a ZIP archive containing images, and even mix different formats and sizes.

To resize a GIF file, go to and upload an image from your computer (and click on the ‘Choose file’ button to upload the image)  or paste the image URL into the field… - Animated GIF Resizer.
Upload your GIF file in the Animated GIF resizer tool.

After selecting your GIF image, click on the Upload button. - Animated GIF Resizer.
Upload your file.

Enter the dimensions you would like to resize your image to and click on the Resize image! button… - Animated GIF Resizer.
Resize your file’s dimensions.

Once the image has been resized, click on the Save icon button… - Animated GIF Resizer.
Click the Save icon button.

Save the resized image to your computer. - Animated GIF Resizer.
Save the resized GIF file to your computer.

Your resized image will be saved as a smaller sized-file.

Resized GIF file.
Your resized GIF file should be smaller than the original.

See the tool’s help section for tips on how to optimize animated GIFs, merge multiple animated gifs, make a GIF with transparent background, add background images or colors to transparent GIFs, make animated PNG images, and more.

More info: Ezgif


GifGifs is another online resizing tool that offers you many excellent free GIF tools, such as:

  • GIF resizer – Resize animated GIFs.
  • GIF optimizer – Reduce the file size of your animations.
  • PNG optimizer – Reduce the file size of your PNG images.
  • JPEG optimizer – Reduce the file size of your JPG images.
  • GIF crop – Crop and slice your animated GIFs.
  • GIF reverser – Reverse your animated GIFs.
  • Rotate GIF – Rotate and flip GIF images.
  • Add text to GIF – Add text to images.
  • GIF splitter – Extract frames from your animated GIFs.

More info:

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If you need to edit media files, crop or resize files, or convert media files into other formats, this section provides a list of online tools you can use to convert or resize your media files.

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