Outsourcing Resources

Here are useful resources to help you find people with the right talent and skills for outsourcing your content needs.


Outsourcing Resources

Here are useful resources to help you find people with the right talent and skills for outsourcing your content needs.

Outsourcing - man working on laptopIn this section, you will find a list of useful resources to help you when outsourcing your content needs.

These resources can help you find people with the right talent and skills to complement your business.

We’ll briefly discuss some of the benefits and challenges of outsourcing and then provide a list of content-related areas you can outsource and sites where you can search for freelancers and outsourced service providers.


The Pros And Cons Of Outsourcing

Outsourcing basically means hiring someone outside of your business to do work that your business needs done.

Outsourcing provides a number of benefits such as allowing you to focus on your core business areas, reduce operational costs, and save you time hiring and training people with the right skills to meet various needs in your business.

You can outsource almost every aspect of content creation and content promotion…even content strategy, planning, and management!

Outsourcing effectively, however, requires managing the outsourcing process itself. With content creation, for example, this includes finding, interviewing, and recruiting freelancers with the right skills, providing your outsourced talent with clear briefs and instructions regarding the work and tasks to be completed, and having documentation they can follow like processes, workflows, and checklists to ensure delivery of the work in a timely manner.

Outsourcing is also not without its challenges. For example, a common problem that many businesses face when outsourcing is how to consistently maintain a high level of quality.

For an excellent article on this area, see The Entrepreneur’s Guide To Outsourcing Work Without Losing Quality.

What Content-Related Tasks And Services Can You Outsource?

Here are some tasks and services related to content that you can outsource to freelancers, independent contractors, and even other businesses:

  • Strategic Services
    • Develop a content strategy or content plan
    • Perform a content audit
    • Conduct keyword research / competitive research
    • Perform statistical analysis and reporting (content metrics, content performance, surveys, etc.)
  • Administrative Tasks– Virtual assistants and outsourced service providers can perform most business administrative tasks, including:
    • Documenting processes, policies, etc.
    • Content research/compiling resource lists/sourcing testimonials, etc.
    • Archiving content
    • Data entry (e.g. adding meta descriptions to eCommerce products, tagging and categorizing content, etc.)
    • Build sales and lead generation/outreach contact lists
    • Send emails, etc.
  • Content Writing
    • Writing blog posts, articles, tutorials, etc.
    • Writing eBooks, guides, PDF reports, case studies, etc.
    • Creating content website landing pages
    • Sales copywriting
    • Proofreading
    • Editing
    • Creating staff training/onboarding content& documentation
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • Create SEO strategy, perform topic and keyword research, content silos, etc.
    • Implement SEO methods, create internal linking, monitor analytics and improve campaigns, perform outreach campaigns to improve backlinks, etc.
  • Email Marketing
    • Develop email campaigns
    • Write emails, newsletters, roundups, etc.
    • Email campaign scheduling, posting, tracking, analysis, and reporting
    • Manage email lists, etc.
  • Blog Management
    • Write/update blog content
    • Upload content to the blog
    • Improve content as per style & formatting guidelines, SEO guidelines, etc.
    • Manage post comment replies, comment spam, etc.
  • Social Media Management
    • Create social media content
    • Manage social media campaigns
  • Graphic Design
    • Create illustrations, artwork, graphics
    • Create presentations, infographics, multimedia
    • Create ads, banners, mockups, etc.
  • Video/Audio Production
    • All areas of video/audio planning, scripting, recording, production, publishing, conversion, etc.
  • Translations – translate website pages and content for audiences in other countries/languages
  • Transcriptions – transcribe audio recordings, videos, and webinars, create captions and subtitles, etc.

Outsourcing Checklists

Use the checklists below if you plan to outsource any area of content production, content promotion, content planning, etc.:

Before Outsourcing

  1. Define your needs, projects, and scope of work.
  2. Research the specific tasks and areas you plan to outsource (who is best to approach, i.e. contractors, freelancers, specialists, etc., where to find them, what are the standard rates, what tools they will need, average timeframes for delivery of work, etc.).
  3. Set your budget.
  4. Define your expectations.
  5. Have a content plan, documented systems, processes, guidelines, and workflows that outsourced workers can follow.
  6. Develop a hiring system (e.g. job post descriptions and brief, interview questions and tasks, contracts, trial assignments, etc.)
  7. Have examples of existing content you can provide to freelance or outsourced writers to illustrate what you are looking for.
  8. Create filtering criteria to screen applicants (e.g. check their social profiles, request social proof of positive previous client experiences and satisfaction, review their ratings, look for red flags such as negative comments or feedback from previous clients, etc.

Freelance Outsourcing Sites

Here are some useful sites for finding people with the right talent and skills to help you with your content-related projects.

Blogging Pro

Outsourcing - Blogging Pro
Blogging Pro

Blogging Pro offers more than just content writing jobs. You can also find editors, copywriters, journalists, magazine writers, social media content writers, and writers specializing in different niches.

More info: Blogging Pro


Outsourcing - Contena

If you’re looking for higher-quality content, Contena provides access to expert part-time or full-time freelance writers, editors, and content creators.

More info: Contena


Outsourcing - Contently

Contently provides access to specialist content writers and writers looking to work with known brand companies and enterprise-level customers.

More info: Contently

Copywriter Collective

Copywriter Collective
Copywriter Collective

Copywriter Collective is a boutique copywriting agency that provides highly experienced professional copywriters for content and marketing projects.

More info: Copywriter Collective


Craigslist has a section that lists writing and editing services.

Craigslist provides a section where freelance writers can list their writing and editing services. Every city has its own database, so depending on where you are located or which city’s board you are looking at, you may or may not find suitable listings.

Note: Craigslist has a reputation for scams, so it’s a case of buyer beware.

More info: Craigslist


Outsourcing - Fiverr

Fiverr is an online marketplace where you can outsource content-related work to freelancers such as content writing, copywriting, video editing, proofreading, etc.

Most service providers on Fiverr charge low prices, so expect a general level of content quality and expertise to match what you are paying for.

Having said this, however, many beginner freelancers use Fiverr to gain experience and testimonials before moving on to higher-paying work, so you can find talented freelancers who are trying to become established.

More info: Fiverr


Outsourcing - FlexJobs

FlexJobs is a job site where you can post remote, work-from-home, and flexible job opportunities.

FlexJobs is an ideal place to find outsourced team members with flexible working needs.

This is an ideal place to find outsourced team members looking for remote work, work-from-home, or part-time work opportunities.

More info: FlexJobs


Outsourcing - Freelancer

Freelancer is one of the world’s largest freelance marketplace websites, where you post jobs that freelancers then bid to complete.

More info: Freelancer

Freelance Writing

Freelance Writing
Freelance Writing has been around since 1997.

Freelance Writing is an established US-focused freelance writing website with advanced search and navigation options that make finding talent in your niche easy.

More info: Freelance Writing


Guru – Expert freelancers for hire site.

Guru is similar to sites like Upwork and Fiverr in that it is a micro-gig economy site where freelancers will bid on your writing projects.

With Guru, you will need to fund your projects before you start. Most freelancers on this site get paid per task, hour, or milestone.

More info: Guru

Hubstaff Talent

Hubstaff Talent is
Hubstaff Talent – a free directory for finding remote talent.

Hubstaff Talent is a 100% free resource that companies looking to hire remote workers can use to source and hire remote talent for their teams.

More info: Hubstaff Talent


Writer – Find custom content writers.

iWriter is a freelancing site where you enter specific project details like the type of content you want (e.g. articles, article rewrites, blog posts, product descriptions, ebooks, etc.), add your target keywords, article word count, niches or topics, select writer skill level (you will pay more for premium-level writers than standard writers), content brief, and whether you want writers that you have built a relationship with to take on your project.

Writers will then create your content based on the specs you have provided. You then review and either approve or reject the content. If you approve the content, the selected writer will get paid for their work, and you can download the content and add it to your website.

The video below shows you how to order articles on iWriter.com:

More info: iWriter



MediaBistro is a creative job site for media and content professionals like graphic designers, copywriters, social media managers, marketers, editors, proofreaders, video creators, and more.

Check out this site if you are looking to outsource work in areas like writing, publishing, social media, SEO, marketing, communications, or any other type of creative area.

More info: MediaBistro

People Per Hour

People Per Hour
People Per Hour

People Per Hour is a site where you can hire freelancers by the hour or by the project.

The video below provides an overview of the site:

More info: People Per Hour



ProBlogger provides a simple and easy writing job board for blog content. You post projects and freelancer writers pitch for it.

More info: ProBlogger


Scripted – An End-To-End Content Solution.

Scripted is an end-to-end content solution for SMBs, media publishers, agencies, and enterprise businesses.

Scripted offers various plans to suit different business needs with services like providing free content ideas and recommendations, publishing integrations, performance analysis, quarterly content strategy, content calendar creation, end-to-end content production, content publishing, writer prioritization, dedicated account manager, and more.


More info: Scripted

The Content Panel

The Content Panel
The Content Panel – Content Writing Service

The Content Panel is a content-writing service that provides experienced content writers for articles, product descriptions, SEO content, website content, copywriting, blog management, freelance writing, and ghostwriting services.

You can use their calculator to estimate the cost of your content writing depending on the type of project, word count, and level of writer quality.

The Content Panel - Content Writing Calculator
Estimate the cost of your project using The Content Panel’s online calculator.

More info: The Content Panel


Upwork is a popular site for sourcing freelance content writers.

You can post jobs and hire professionals using Upwork’s Talent Marketplace, browse and buy projects from their Project Catalog, or let Upwork find you the right outsourcing talent for your team.

More info: Upwork

Writer Access

Writer Access
Writer Access – AI-powered freelance content outsourcing platform.

WriterAccess is an AI-powered platform that lets you find and hire screened, proven writers, editors, and designers at affordable rates, optimize content and streamline your workflow.

Freelancers are star-rated by customer reviews combined with performance algorithms.

More info: WriterAccess

Writers Work

Writers Work
Writers Work

Writers Work is a freelancing jobs board where you can find freelance writers in areas like general website content writing, blogging, copywriting, social media posts, ghostwriting, journalism, and more.

Unlike other platforms, you won’t find freelancers for areas like editing, transcriptions, or similar-type work.

Posted jobs go live within 24 hours and stay live for 30 days. You can also choose to feature your listings.

More info:  Writers Work

Video Courses For Beginners – Outsourcing

The video courses below cover basic areas of outsourcing digital services like content creation and are ideal for beginners (note: you can access all of the video courses below with a single all-access pass):

Outsourcing Digital Services - WPMasterclasses.comOutsourcing Digital Services

Learn how to grow your business faster and get more done by outsourcing digital services to virtual assistants.

More info: Outsourcing Digital Services

Digital Product Creation - WPMasterclasses.comDigital Product Creation

Learn how to create, launch, and sell high-quality digital products like downloadable reports, e-books, videos, and audio content quickly and cost-effectively.

More info: Digital Product Creation

Using Password Managers - WPMasterclasses.comUsing Password Managers

Password Managers provide an easy and secure way to keep track of all your passwords. This video course shows you how to use powerful and FREE password management tools.

More info: Using Password Managers

News Release Traffic Formula - Get More Leads & CustomersNews Release Traffic Formula – Get More Leads & Customers

Learn how to use news releases effectively to boost your search engine rankings, drive more traffic to your website, and generate new leads for your business.

More info: News Release Traffic Formula – Get More Leads & Customers

How To Build A Sales Scripts Tool - WPMasterclasses.comHow To Build A Sales Scripts Tool

Learn how to create a highly effective sales scripts tool that will improve your sales call results using MS PowerPoint or similar software.

More info: How To Build A Sales Scripts Tool


  • Careerminds provides a useful guide on the pros and cons of outsourcing with research questions to ask candidates, outsourcing evaluation forms, an outsourcing transition framework, and an outsourcing due diligence checklist.
  • Content Troubleshooting Guide – Use this guide to troubleshoot content-related issues.
  • Digital Business Video Courses – Video courses to help you develop the digital skills you need to manage content effectively.
  • WordPress User Manual – A detailed and comprehensive step-by-step WordPress user manual for non-technical website users.

Visit our tools and resources section for additional courses, guides, and helpful tools and resources for managing content effectively.


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