Don’t Put Yer Content Writers In Charge Of Yer Content Strategy. Here’s Why…

Lemme give it to ya raw, so y’all see the hidden flaw…

Don't Put Yer Content Writers In Charge Of Yer Content Strategy. Here's Why...

Don’t Put Yer Content Writers In Charge Of Yer Content Strategy. Here’s Why…

AI-generated laptop image: Dall-eLemme give it to ya raw
So y’all see the hidden flaw
Why gettin’ from article to conversion
Requires a logical inversion

If you ain’t got no content strategy,
And you ain’t got no content plan,
All you’ll get’s discontent’n’tragedy
When your bizzyness gets out of hand

When it comes to strategizing
Execs gotta make the decision
Coz writers’ got brains that’ll do yer writing
But they ain’t got eyes that’ll see yer vision

Don’t ask writers for ideas
And then ask’em to start writin’
Coz they’ll give ya panaceas
That read good but are seldom profitin’

If you wanna hit yer metrics
You gotta listen to me, man
Start with plain arithmetics
Number one: yer content plan

Don’t ask writers to create one
Coz I’m telling ya, it’ll never fly
Management’s gotta get it done
And I’m here to tell ya why

If y’all blogging to be heard
Then y’all gotta stop yer guessing
Before y’all publish yer first word
Y’all gotta know who y’all addressing

Who’s yer audience? That’s so epic
To generate sales’n’leads
Do yer research and make each topic
Hit yer target market’s needs

Who’s yer writer gonna write for
If they don’t know where they’re going?
How y’all gonna make’em write more
If they don’t know what y’all knowing?

It takes solid information
To gain users’ trust and belief
So get yer systems in organization
And create a content brief

Y’also need a content pipeline
That’ll keep yer content goin’
With written procedures and guidelines
And documented workflowin’

If ya have existing content
Ya don’t wanna duplicate it
So make sure to be consistent
And perform a content audit

And if y’ain’t getting no results
From all yer writers’ rootin’-tootin’
Shelve yer cussin’ and yer insults
And start content troubleshootin’

Yeah, I know y’ain’t got no budget
Nor resources, nor the time
But there’s just no way to fudge it
To make content worth yer dime

Without all this prior structurin’
Yer content production will run dry
And yer content team will be fracturin’
And yer content dream will die

So if yer success is to be no accident
Ya gotta listen to me, dude
Y’all need some serious content management
And a change of attitude

Coz the more work ya pile on yer writers
Before they even pen a word
The less content ya’ll feed to search spiders
And the more yer targets will seem absurd

So until y’all do all to maximize yer team’s productivity
Don’t make’em yer content marketing overseers
Don’t put’em in charge of yer content strategy
Don’t ask’em to brainstorm new content ideas

Don’t make your content writers SEO analysts
Or topic cluster siloing specialists
Don’t send’em searchin’ for trends in yer analytics
And keep’em right out of yer BizDevOps politics

Don’t delegate yer content planagement
Don’t abdicate yer content management
Don’t fixate only on yer content promotion
It’ll just complicate yer content production

Ignore the AI dramedy
Forget one-click automation
There’s no simple push-button remedy
For strategic domination

Develop a content strategy aligned with yer goals and vision
Implement a content plan, don’t forget yer content research
Set up yer systems for tracking and get cracking with yer documentation
And watch yer content creation and yer content metrics converge

If ya want yer content marketing to help get yer vision realized
Give yer writers all they need and tell’em exactly what to write
Then get busy with yer business of expandin’ yer enterprise
Coz yer content will be targeted and hit yer metrics right.


Not generated by AI … just I.

Author: Martin Aranovitch

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