New Free Content Management Course For Businesses And Content Creators Launched news release – December 6, 2022. News

New Free Content Management Course For Businesses And Content Creators Launched

A new online course focused on helping businesses manage their web content more effectively has recently launched at with free comprehensive training lessons.

Blackheath, Australia – December 6, 2022

News Release - New Free Content Management Course For Businesses And Content Creators LaunchedOnline businesses and website users wishing to learn how to manage their web content more effectively can refer to the course website at for comprehensive training modules and detailed lessons covering all aspects of content management.

As Martin Aranovitch, the course creator and an experienced content manager, content writer, and content publisher states, “all websites need content and all content needs management. While many sites provide excellent tips and tutorials on how to market your business with content, there is very little practical information or training available to businesses on how to effectively manage all of their content.”

The course is built on the principle that businesses looking to grow online using content marketing need a sound content strategy and effective content management systems to help them realize their vision and achieve their goals and objectives.

According to Martin, “web content can quickly become outdated, irrelevant, inaccurate, or obsolete. This can lead to poor user experience and have a negative impact on your website’s SEO. Without effective systems to manage content processes like content planning, content production, and content promotion, your content marketing efforts can become unmanageable and difficult to track, leading to wasted effort, time, and money.”

The online course’s modules show users how to develop a content strategy and implement effective systems to manage their content-related areas. The course includes detailed lessons and tutorials with links to additional resources, an online content troubleshooting guide, and accompanying email lessons that users can subscribe to at no cost.

The course is offered completely free to anyone interested in learning how to better manage their web content. No registration is required and the course content is suited for a general business audience, non-technical website users, and content teams in all types of businesses.

For more information, visit the course website:


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Author: Martin Aranovitch

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